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I'll be at Codemotion talking about Continuous Delivery

Good news, my talk was accepted and I'll be speaking about Continuous Delivery at Codemotion on November 28th.

This was the proposal I sent:

Scale up your CI to a Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Ten years ago we used to run multiple monolithic apps in a single application container. Config changes were applied manually. Application upgrades were risky and painful. Today CD enable teams to get code from their laptops to production as often as hundreds of times a day.

A lot has been written about the single pipeline merrily handling a single repo app with no dependencies whatsoever, but that case rarely matches reality, specially in state-of-the-art microservices architectures. A real world situation does also cover:

  • Dependency Management Strategy
  • Pipeline Dependency Graph modelling
  • Release, Rollback and Canary Deployments
  • Individual Feature Releases (Feature Toggles any?)
  • Acceptance Tests

All these points will be covered in this talk, illustrated with real world situations and examples from different software organisations.

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