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Slides, Feedback and Follow-up from my Codemotion Talk

Last weekend Codemotion took place in Madrid. It was quite a big event: 1900+ attendees, 2 days and a wide range of topics distributed in 8 tracks.

The title of my talk was Scaling your CI to a Continuous Delivery Pipeline. I tried to cover the key points of implementing and growing a CD pipeline in an organisation from the perspective of Engineering Culture. Here are the slides:

Continuous Delivery @ Codemotion from Miguel Serrano Milano

Q&A Follow-up

The talk ended with a Q&A with a few questions. It was really interesting, unfortunately we only had 15 minutes, so I decided to address a couple of them in separate posts:

About Codemotion

The good:

Coordinators manage to convince plenty of volunteers to help with the organisation. They were helpful and smiling, that's highly appreciated.

Also, even though this was a pretty big conference, I never felt things got out of hand. Some talks were overcrowded, but that's something to expect when 8 tracks are run in parallel.

The not so good:

Sadly, I felt non-spanish speaking attendants were second-class citizens during the event.

This was somehow strange. Since the beginning, all the communication with the organisation was in English, including the call for papers and logistics. Many of the talks had their title and description in English, but at the end there was no separate track for actual talks in English. Non-spanish speakers had to jump from one room to another, many times to find there was no available seat for them.

The first day there were lots of non-spanish attendees around, but they eventually left the place after the first hours. I talked to some of them and I can understand their frustration.

I ended up giving my talk in Spanish. For me, it was awkward. It was prepared in English, but having all Spanish speakers in front of me it sounded ridiculous not to talk in my mother tongue. Ultimately it didn't go too bad, but it felt a bit like improv theatre.

With all pros and cons, the experience was in general very positive, and I'm looking forward for the next Codemotion in Rome.

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