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Slides : How Computers Compute

I recently used this deck in an Industrial Engineering meeting in London. I didn’t have much time to prepare a brand new presentation, so I recycled the topic from a Lightning Talk I gave a few weeks ago at Plumbee.

The funny thing is how I managed to turn a 10’ presentation into a full fledge, 45 minutes talk followed by Q&A. It went all quite well. Storytelling is unquestionably the best style to do presentations, particularly when introducing the public to a new topic.

Here's the content with some extra links:

  1. How humans mentally resolve infix mathematical expressions of the type (6+2*3)/2^2-6/3.
  2. Parts of a Von Neumann Computer: CPU, Data Memory and Program Memory.
  3. Why a computer can’t operate like a human.
  4. Transformation of infix math expressions into a computer-readable postfix expressions via Expression Trees.
  5. How a computer resolves a mathematical expression in postfix notation using a stack.
How computers compute from Miguel Serrano Milano

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